Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy UP - Day 5 (a little late)

Okay, so I know it is officially Day 6 now, but I'm just now posting yesterday's Happy UP.

1. It's Official
I can't tell you what is official yet (I will soon though) but I can say it is finally official. I've been trying to patiently wait for this for a bit now and it is good to know that all is good and I can move on to the next step now. (More to follow next week.)

2. Friday
This is always a Happy UP. It means I get to spend the next couple days with my family. That is always a good thing.

3. Black & White Mochas
Nonfat of course! I was feeling a bit slow and tired this morning so when others were heading across the street I asked them to pick me up a Black & White mocha from Starbucks. I love the white mochas, but I was also craving that normal chocolate taste so the Black & White mocha is perfect! It was very yummy and got me through my busy morning of month end close stuff.

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