Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy UP - Monday 2/12

Share Time again!!!

Here are some of today's Happy UPs.

1. Only one more week of work.
As I've mentioned before, everyday at work lately has been confirmation that I've made the right decision. Today I actually worked up the nerve to give a letter to the top guy in our department detailing the exact reasons why I am leaving the company. I was very worried about it and felt a bit guilty because it very well may cause problems for a couple of people. However, every day I'm becoming aware of other things going on in the department and realize it is important that someone let the top management know what is happening. If my words cause changes to happen in the department to make it a better work environment for others, then I've achieved my goal. If not, at least I can walk away knowing I've done everything now that I could. Also, I'm getting more and more excited about my new job. My new manager is already communicating with me more and making it clear that things will be better there. I just wish I could take some others with me that I respect and care about. But they will be in my prayers.

2. Appreciation
Since I gave my notice last week, I've received so many encouraging emails and invitations for lunch it is a bit overwhelming. It is nice to know that others appreciated my work and efforts.

3. Warm Bubble Bath
Okay, this is an anticipated one. It is raining pretty hard again right now and it is a bit chilly in the house. Once I get the chills the only way I can get rid of them is a nice hot shower or bubble bath. I guess I should be saying a Hot Bubble Bath instead of warm. I have a good book I'm reading and I'll go relax and get rid of my chills once I'm done with this post.

4. My House Church
Once again I must say I love and cherish the relationship I have with my church home family. Juan is coaching a Pony league baseball team in which most of us have a child participating. In addition, my 6 year old cousin will also be participating. I don't get to see my aunt and uncle very often so this is great. Shaun and I were worried about my new job and his work and if we would be able to take Tyler to all the games and practices. My family is so wonderful and has assured us they'll help in anyway needed. I'm hoping that will not be necessary, but just in case it is, we know Tyler will be able to make it and people who love her will be there with her. We will basically be having church at every game and practice. I'm so excited!!!

5. Good Coffee
My mom recently had a Pampered Chef party and I told her I would help out and get a couple little things. They have some coffee they sell that I don't buy very often because it is not exactly inexpensive, but I splurge on it once in awhile. It has vanilla, cinnamon and hazelnut in it and is delicious. I'm drinking some right now!

6. Referrals
One of the girls from my current work told me today her mother had a friend who saw one of my Uppercase Living catalogs and wants me to do an Open House for her. That means lots more networking. I love this stuff and although I don't know that it will ever take the place of my "normal" job, it is a great way to meet new people and do something I enjoy. Plus I get a discount on the items for my home!

7. Blog Roll
A new blog I've been visiting daily just did a brief introduction of her blog roll and I was listed on it! She had some very kind words to say about this blog and it made my day! It also gave me the idea to do my own Blog Roll Introduction, so keep your eyes pealed! It is coming soon. Thank you Rebecca (Blogging Obsession).

Well, there are a bunch more, but these are the main ones for now. I guess my last Happy UP is this post. Just writing this down and posting it is a Happy UP because I get to remember all the good things that happened today!


Rebecca said...

Mmmm....that coffee sounds good!

I love Pampered Chef products...I just got this super cool cutting board with built in measuring cups - very neat!

Have an awesome day!

Johnny said...

Hey Ang,

I would love it if someone could teach me how to make my blog look as cool as yours and Rebecca's.

You are in my prayers with regards to the job change.

Grace and peace to you and yours,