Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy UP - Day 7

Officially, today is my last Happy UP day, at least for now. But I've decided to keep at it unofficially. I'm going through quite a bit right now and making a point to focus on the good things in my life definitely keeps my persepctive right. It more importantly keeps my focus on God and the blessings He has given me.

1. Finished my book
Okay, so this is bittersweet. When you get your hands on a good fiction book you can hardly put it down and can't wait to see what happens next to your new friends. Yes, I did call them friends, because if the author has done a good job I feel like these individuals have become my friends. It is great to get to the end of the book and see how it all turns out, but it is also bittersweet because it feels like you are saying goodbye to friends. That may be part of the reason books I really enjoy I keep and reread every so often. This one will become part of my reread file! I'll do a more thorough review of this book later in the week. (Minor Protection Act by Jodi Cowles)

2. Talk with a good friend
I spent some time with one of my house church "family" members and we had a very good talk. I love getting together with my church family and talking about whatever happens to be on our hearts and minds at the time. This person is someone who is very special to me and I enjoy spending time alone with her talking. It is always so refreshing.

3. Tyler
Last week Tyler brought home her 2nd Qtr report card. She is in kindergarten and they have her doing the advanced curriculum. She is struggling a bit more than the others in the advanced curriculum, however the teacher believes she will be bored with the normal activities. We had a parent-teacher conference last week because her teacher wanted to make sure she did not appear to be overhelmed and frustrated (she is not) and I wanted to find out what we could do to help her. The only item she struggles with is reading some words and seplling out words on her own because she sometimes drops letters when she speaks. (I was only learning the alpahbet in kindergarten, now they are reading three and four letter words halfway through the year!) We've sat down and talked to Tyler this last week to make sure she is not overly frustrated and have been working with her to practice her reading. My happy up is seeing her response. Yes, she gets frustrated at times, but she is determined she is going to "get it" and just keeps trying and I've already seen improvement in the last week. It is a joy to have her ask me if she can read to me or ask me to give her words to spell for me while we are driving in the car. I have to say a large majority of my Happy Ups involved my three little "monsters" as I sometimes refer to them. They are monsters at times, but they are my monsters who I love very much and am very proud of!

4. Baby Laughs and Daddy
Okay, I have to add a fourth today. As I'm writing this post my husband is playing with our 9 month old. He is making him laugh so hard! I love the sound of baby laughs and love to watch my husband interacting with our kids. He is such a great daddy!


Chrissy said...

I loved your Happy Ups! I am so sorry I was sick and didn't read blogs! I so wish I had know about Happy Ups, then I could have posted along with you!!!

Ang said...


You can Happy UP on your blog anytime you want. I can not claim this idea as my own, I'm just passing it on to others.

I need to do this more often myself instead of waiting for Nutter to remind me about it! :)

Nutster said...


I am thrilled to come over to your blog and see that...YOU DID IT!!! Mark it down as an accomplishment this set a goal, at times it was inconvenient, and you carried it through...

......that's a Bonus HappyUP!!! anytime you do that. deserve it!!!