Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy UP - Thursday 2/8

I figure I'll keep this up some more. I had really good responses before so even though I'm not going to commit to everyday posts regarding Happy UP, I'm determined to do the exercise everyday until it becomes second nature. I'll then share them with my blog friends periodically.

1. Confirmation
Some very unpleasant situations at work today became a Happy UP because they confirmed one of my earlier decisions. Last Friday I had mentioned something was finalized. Well that something was a job offer with a new company! I gave my notice this last Monday (after 7 1/2 years) and the Lord has been opening my eyes to things that are confirming my decision over and over again.

This whole process has been of God. I don't think I've ever had something this big for me, go so smoothly. I had my church house pray for me one Tuesday. I received a call about the opportunity the next day, asking if I could come in on Friday. I already had the day off for a field trip with Tyler's class and was free in the afternoon. After that they said they'd call me in a week. Instead I got a call on Monday saying they wanted to see me that Friday for a second interview. I had some time off coming so I was able to make it to that one as well. Then on Tuesday the next week I received the informal offer and by Friday afternoon I had my formal offer. The recruiter I was dealing with said it was the fastest he has ever seen this company move on a new position. I guess you can move pretty quickly when God is behind it :)

2. Massage
After a long week of month end, an almost anxiety attack on Monday prior to giving notice and then dealing with management the rest of the week since I've given notice, today's massage was wonderful! I've not been to get one since the end of November and my shoulders and neck have been protesting. It was also nice to talk with my friend Tanya again. She was actually with me having lunch when I first got the call about the opportunity which will now be my new job as of the 19th!

3. Rain
Although I did not especially enjoy driving in it in the dark tonight, I was happy to see the rain. You see, as I mentioned yesterday I am originally from Washington State and I actually get depressed a bit if we go too long without rain. I love the smell in the morning right after a good rain.

I could not narrow it down to three big ones so here is a bonus for today!

4. Baseball for Tyler
The other kids Tyler's age at our house church are all going to be on a baseball team to be coached by one of the father's of our church. I did not inquire as to Tyler playing because we actually live in a different town and I was not sure that she would be able to play. The coach just called me and told me that Tyler CAN play so we will be going to sign her up on Saturday. I think I'm more excited than her. She's been wanting to play baseball and now she can be on a team with a bunch of kids she already knows and it is one more way for our church house to spend time together!!!

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Chrissy said...

Congratulations on your new job! The Lord is so awesome!!!