Monday, October 06, 2008

Bride & Groom to be reinstated in CA

If you are not living in California (or maybe even if you are) you may not be aware, but this last summer a handful of judges decided to overrule the people of the state who had voted against allowing same-sex marriages. Same sex couples can now be legally wed in California now. As part of that, the marriage licences were changed to read Party A and Party B in order to not offend the new couples now being allowed to marry in the state. No concerns for those heterosexual couples who are offended by being referred to as Party A and Party B, as if marriage is nothing more than a business contract. In fact one couple, who crossed out the new designation's and wrote in Bride and Groom were told their license was not legal!

A friend of mine (who I've added to my blogroll) recently posted about this - you can read his take on it at Mike's Mind Emissions - California Couple:"You're not allowed to be 'Bride & Groom'"

I am happy to say that I just heard tonight on the news that beginning next month (Nov 17th) the designation's Bride & Groom will be returning to the marriage license form. I'm not exactly clear yet as to what the new form will look like, but according to one report I found - Bride & Groom to be Restored to Calif. forms - it sounds like the form will still say Party A and Party B, however there will now be an optional box you can check so your license says Bride & Groom instead. (I may be reading this wrong though). Not exactly ideal, but much better than the current form.

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