Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fireproof - my movie recommendation


This last week, my husband and I went to see the movie Fireproof. We had someone buy us the tickets and offer to watch the kids. He was not too interested in it, but when you have three small children at home you don't pass up a FREE date! I on the other hand was looking forward to seeing it.

He had said he was going to fall asleep during the movie - however he did not. In fact he even laughed at a couple parts. I admit the movie started out looking a bit "B"ish but you soon forget that. However, when you consider that the actors in the movie were all volunteers for the most part - you have to definitely give it props. Here is an article I came across about how the movie got started. It really is very encouraging. Fireproof has unexpected success

I must admit I was surprised - there was a couple parts where I was on the edge of my seat biting my nails (or squeezing my poor husband's knee!) And there were some parts where both of us were just cracking up! And then there were the parts where the tears just flowed down my face!

I highly recommend the movie to everyone, whether you are married or not. It was really good and had an awesome message. It shows that you can deal with some very real issues (pornography, infidelity, etc) in a movie without becoming graphic. But most of all it communicates a very important Truth about Love, marriage and a relationship with Christ. I for one walked away feeling a deeper love for Christ and a deeper love for my husband and our marriage.

Most of the movies that I've purchased have been children movies. I can probably count the non-kid movies I own on one hand. However, when this comes out on video I will definitely be adding it to my very small collection. And I think I might just have to go check out that "Love Dare" book now too.

Shaun even liked the movie - last night a couple had come down and was playing darts with us and asked what we had seen. Shaun told them that it was definitely a "God Movie" but he said it was actually pretty good. That is actually a pretty good recommendation from him!

I also recommend checking out the Fireproof My Marriage site.

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