Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Reader's View on Obama's Speech

After my post Obama - separate "religious" beliefs from politics I received an email which I'm posting below with this person's permission.

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I think Obama’s attitude shows he’s not a Bible believer. A person who lives for God doesn’t put God in a box and say I’m only going to let you into certain parts of my life. We invite God into ALL parts of our life with none of it off limits to him. After all, trying to live our life without God is when we mess things up. If we follow God, we’ll never, never go wrong. That is a belief in stark contrast to the beliefs of Obama. Obama has a very ‘twisted’ view of scripture as far as I’m concerned and I find his beliefs to be very offensive and arrogant.

My personal belief is that he could be a lot more dangerous than most people even realise as president. Hearing his speeches gives me the creeps. His sudden rise out of nowhere…….his smooth, mesmerising speeches…..his attitude toward God…..his arrogancy and his belief in how wonderful and wise he is……all these things make me concerned about him. Personally the more I hear of him, the more I’m reminded of things I’ve found out about Hitler over the years. That’s not a very comforting thing. I don’t think he has the right stuff to be a good president, but he has so many questionable ‘things of concern’ that I think he could be a very bad person in power. He has an enormous ego. God help us all if he becomes president.

If he gains the presidency, he will be coming into it in one of the most critical economic times worldwide we’ve had in our lifetime. Right now the US and the world is on the edge of a cliff economically and I’m convinced he would tip them over the edge for sure. And that isn’t even bringing our safety and security issues into it concerning terrorists, etc.

I’ve been studying prophecy since when I was pregnant with my youngest son (Angela's note: her youngest son is my age!). I’ve been praying about this for years, studying and just watching to just see what was happening in the world. I do, now, believe it’s possible that things may be entering into the time period of the last days. If we are then this will only be the beginning of our troubles. God is now and will in the future be our only help, contrary to what Obama thinks. Trying to leave God out of the US and it’s government, etc would be a major mistake for any president. Good things don’t happen to those who forget God, who denigrate him, ridicule him and attempt to lead his people away from him or destroy them spiritually or otherwise. His leadership as a president would, I’m afraid, put him at great risk. People can’t stand against God or his word and come out ahead or even be safe…….. I wouldn’t want God angry with me… there’s no place to hide from him. Obviously Obama has no fear of God if he makes fun of God’s word the way he did.

Anyway, I don’t trust Obama, and think he’s very dangerous and arrogant. All that said, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t become president.

But then again, I believe we may be entering the end of days. If we are, this will mean the end of the world as we’ve known it. Things will never ever be the same again. We need to be sure we’re doing God’s will, and watch and pray.

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