Saturday, October 18, 2008

Explaining Prop8 to your kids

In my previous post I had mentioned that I've been talking to my daughter (she's 7 yrs old) about the upcoming elections. I was surprised at how interested she is in what is going on and how eager she is to be part of it and pray for the upcoming elections.

I prayed before I spoke to her because I wanted to explain the issue to her adequately but at a level that she would be able to understand. This is the same way I had approached the issue of abortion with her when she asked me one day why I wore a red Life bracelet.

I simply explained to her that some people believed it was okay for a boy to like a boy and a girl to like a girl the same way that Mommy and Daddy like each other, and that those people have tried to make it legal in our state for a boy to marry a boy or a girl to marry a girl. I explained that we had voted a few years ago and the state had decided that was not right but there were some judges that did not agree and had made it legal. I then explained that the State had a constitution just like the US did and that Prop8 was being voted on to add wording to our constitution that would say that marriage is only recognized between a man and a woman.

When I explained how marriage right now is legal between a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy, I was suprised to see the look on her face. It was a look of confusion. She looked at me and said,

"But Mommy, I don't think God would like that. He made Eve for Adam, he wants weddings to be for a boy and a girl. That is how He made it!"

It warmed my heart that she recognized that the highest authority in all of this is the Lord.

We then went on to talk about how how babies are made (at a very high level) because she asked if two boys or two girls could make a baby. This also got us on the topic of having babies when you are not married.

In the end we talked about how we all sin and even those who sin in these ways are still people that God loves dearly. We compared it to when she does something wrong. Mommy & Daddy don't like what she has done but we still love her. It is the same way with grown ups and God. We all sin and God hates that, but He loves us still. So even though we need to stand up for what is right and what is God's Truth, we still need to love the people who are doing those things. We would want the same thing if it was us doing the wrong thing.

Part of this conversation started because my daughter had noticed the Yes on Prop8 signs that are popping up in the lawns of our neighbors. After our discussion, she told me that we needed to let everyone know about this issue and we needed to get a sign for our yard. And then she said she wanted to make signs and put them up all over the neighborhood and knock on people's doors and let them know about this.

I encourage everyone once again to talk to their children. You may be surprised how much they understand and how excited they are to be included. Especially if this proposition does not pass. Just look at Massachusetts and you'll see where this state will be headed if this Proposition does not pass. No matter what they are saying now, we will end up on the same path. Same-sex marriage being taught in schools at a very young age without the parents being allowed to object. Being told what morals we must teach our children. Read this article if you don't believe that is where we are headed - Proposition 8 - Who's Really Lying?

A good friend of mine just told me a few months ago about a friend of hers who called her in a near panic. Her young daughter (just about my daughter's age) had come home and told her Mom that she was a lesbian. When her mom asked her why she thought that she replied that it was because she liked girls better than boys and some people who had come to talk to them told her it meant she was a lesbian (this was at a diversity day event). Of course a girl at that age likes girls better than boys, at that age boys have cooties! If we don't talk to our children, others will (even if Prop8 passes they will still hear about homosexuality). I for one want my children's morals to be shaped by me in line with God's Word, not by what is considered to be P.C. in this world of ours right now.


Meridith @ The Road Less Traveled said...

Wow... out of the mouths of babes...

I found your blog on LWG Blogroll... I'm excited to find other Christian women to connect with... off to read more of your blog...

Anonymous said...

You claim to be a Christian, and yet you do not preach tolerance or love to your child. She will grow up to be as ugly and hateful as you.

Ang said...

I find it extremely sad that someone would leave an "anonymous" note to attack me on my own blog.

I know they probably will never read my response as they don't care to really know me - but I'll leave one anyway to whoever may read this later.

First - you speak of me not teaching tolerance to my child, yet you leave a comment judging me and you don't even know me. Who is not being tolerant of the differences of others?

Second - the word tolerance is one I abhor. Just because I don't agree with someone's opinions and don't condone their lifestyle does not mean that I don't love them or that I'm hateful to them. Many people don't agree with me but I don't automatically assume they hate me.

God teaches us to not tolerate evil and sin (that includes evil and sin in our own lives) but we are to love people. I've taught my daughter to love people regardless of how they live their lives. I am a Christian but I'm not perfect. That is why I follow Christ, because I can't do it in my own strength.

Your comment is showing much more intolerance and hate than my posts. I pray someday you will understand how much God loves you. He is showing me and teaching me to love others, even those who would leave hateful comments on my personal blogs.

Duzell said...

"Out of the mouths of babes"

That for one is such bull because children are just little mirror images of their adults, and that can be an ugly relfection.

I feel sorry that you have ANY children, especially when you're teaching them such ignorance. It's obvious that your daughter is already going to be as ugly as you are.

For one, like it or not, there are other religions in the world, and not all of them think gay marriage is wrong. Second, you're not even the majority religion on a global stand, that belongs to Hinduism. (And don't even try to retaliate with counting all the sects, because chances are you don't even consider them part of your religion, especially not the catholics)

Secondly marriage started as a father giving away his daughter as property, but being the blind person you are i'm sure you think that's fine.

The marriage ritual started with the Pagans, you know, the ones that your religion stole all their holidays from? And i'm sure they wouldn't have cared either way. Boo hoo for you.

And without any of that, what marriage is today is a legal contract and the law says any persons over the age of 18 is allowed to enter a legal contract.

And this is America. Separation of Church and State and all that. This country was founded so people could have religious freedom, and freedom altogether. Out forefathers may have fallen short of that, but it was still their ideal and you're undermining that with your hate. And yes, it is hate. Putting a smiley face on it doesn't make it unhateful. If you don't like that gays have equal freedom.... Then Move somewhere where religion IS the law.

Hint: You'd be in the Middle East. How fun for you.

Furthermore. Evaluation has been proven. No Adam. No Eve. Sorry for you again.

And I will never understand how you bible thumpers can go on about how loving and forgiving your god is, and then go on about how he sends people to their eternal torment.

I can only hope that one day your daughter will grow up, see her mother is a bigot and change herself.

I know that California pretty much has the worst economy in the country right now. Yet you people donated millions to prop 8 and you're worrying over all this when you should be worrying about your livelihood.

You're also just idiotic if you think this makes it better. If prop 8 even does pass (which it probably won't last I heard it was close and not all the votes were yet it could be challenged)it won't be the end. Civil and Equal Rights will triumph just as it did for Blacks

Honestly, your overall perception of reality is extremely distored and if you didn't have that pretty little "religion" label to put on yourself people would think you were schizophrenic, and that's a sever insult to the mentally ill.

Being gay is not a bad thing, it's not morally wrong, and saying it is... well that's judging people. You say you aren't but you are. You say you teach tolerance and love but that isn't tolerance and it certainly isn't love.

Honestly, I know Nazis that are lest bigoted than you. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

And I may be full of hate but I'd rather be full of hate than self important bigotry like you. The funny thing is, I'd pin you as someone who'd go around saying "Love is blind".

PS: I live in Massachusetts and it's just dandy here. I don't know what you've heard. Every problem we have now we've had before, it has nothing to do with our gays marrying...

Anonymous said...

First time visiting your blog, and since I don't have an ID I'll have to remain "Anonymous". I can assure you, though, despite our disagreement over this, I will be more respectful than the previous anonymous poster.

I understand the Christian's reasoning for detesting homosexuality. Now mind you, "understanding it" is not the same as agreeing with it. I'm a bit confused as to why, out of all the precepts laid out throughout the Bible - in both the Old and New Testaments - the idea that homosexuality is an abomination has persisted, while other of God's rules have been long since forgotten. Why are some Biblical guidelines often overlooked by today's Christians as a mere product of an antiquated culture, while others - such as the idea that homosexuality is inherently immoral and sinful - endure?

Furthermore, what do you say to the vast (and growing) body of scientific evidence that suggests that homosexuality has biological roots, and that one's sexual orientation is outside of their control? We've heard countless stories of homosexuals who would initially try to suppress their urges, hide them deep inside, and lead a "normal", heterosexual life (which never really works out well for them). We've heard stories of homosexuals that were filled with self-loathing and guilt over what they perceived as a terrible abnormality about them. They'd be fearful to tell their parents, their friends. It would eat them up inside. With the innumerable personal testimonies from people such as these, how can one still believe homosexuality is a choice? And once one comes to the conclusion that it is not a choice, how can we continue to call it a sin?

It would be akin to contending that being female is inherently sinful, or being an African American is evil. Surely such statements would be preposterous - We shouldn't blame people for the way they are, for things that are out of their control.

Consider ourselves. I, like you, am a heterosexual. But when we got to that age where we began having "feelings" for people of the opposite sex, it wasn't by choice. I didn't wake up one morning and decide today was the day I was going to start liking girls. Sexuality is naturally occurring, and I find it silly to assume it is any different for homosexuals.

Finally, I must ask what the need is to obstruct homosexuals from marrying. Yes, you are fully entitled to your religious beliefs, but I must ask what that has to do with two people in a loving relationship, who just so happen to disagree with you. In America, we enjoy a freedom to worship as we please, and that includes the freedom to not worship at all, without fear of discrimination for one's (lack of) beliefs. I just don't see what is to be gained by keeping homosexuals from marrying. Their marriage would have no consequence in your life - It wouldn't have any affect on you or your daughter whatsoever. So where's the problem?

I've tried my best to keep this civil and respectful, and I hope I've been successful in not offending you. I also look forward to your reply.

AlmaO'Carroll said...

Don't want to come across as doing anything other than trying to show another point of view because I'd say you've already been and probably will be attacked for yr post and I don't wish to do that but please see the other side of the argument here.
Marriage isn't really a christian thing, the religion side of things started centuries after the initial "contract" (even Jesus' grandmother and aunt were given to the one man who could afford the dowry for them) what the prop 8 (or saying no to) really stands for is gay people wanting the right to do what we normally as married people take for granted-things such as a right to be involved in medical decisions, burials, property etc.
It's not all about frivilous things (although I assume that is a part of it too.) It's not church weddings they want but civil ceremonies recognised by law.
I know some couples who've been together for 20 years and have no rights whatsoever-I think is a shame because they really are lovely people, very kind and very involved in our community.
Maybe try to see yr faith a little differently without compromising it and be like we are taught, accepting and embracing of all lifes differences.
Also, may I add, although your views maybe a little black and white for me, I must commend you on having a very open relationship with your daughter-I feel that she can ask you anything and that you will do your best to answer as best as you can. I'm sure she will grow up to be a lovely girl. (contrary to what some people say here.)
I'm just reminded here of a quote I heard once "Two people who hate each other have more of a right to marry than a gay couple who love each other!"-I think that was the simpsons?
Hope you see things maybe a little different now and that you don't get attacked too much. :)
Al xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Duzell and the second Anonymous.

Your life has absolutely nothing to do with that of another human being unless they choose it to be so. If a man wants to go and catch his jollies with another man, what does it have to do with you.

think about it. at this very moment, as you read this, there are probably thousands, maybe millions, of people having sex anywhere around the world, homosexual or otherwise. and you're still here, arent you? theres no fire and brimstone flying from the sky to eat your children and burn your precious bible.

I grew up with a grandmother who told me that I would go to hell when I was five years old. I was told to never to love a black man.

Your daughter should be allowed the right to choose her own path without your veiled garbage. She has no right to be "disgusted" at homosexual people, and neither do you.

Ang said...


First I must say I find it very interesting that this post is almost 3 weeks old and on the third page of my blog now and all of a sudden I'm getting all these comments! And after Prop8 has already passed! I had expected some reaction before the elections, but not after!

I could go into an extremely long comment (and probably will, I tend to be wordy) here about what I believe and why, however I must honestly say that everyone who has commented here seems to stand behind their beliefs with as much conviction as I do - so I don't know that explaining my thoughts would do much good. And that is fine with me, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

I can tell each of you though the arguements here I have heard before and I have considered them, although you may choose not to believe me.

In the end, I have a personal relationship with the Lord. I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be. God is continuously shaping me. I do believe the Bible is the Word of God. I also agree many do not live by it - I try my best but I fail many times as well.

I don't just pick out homosexuality, there are other things that I believe are sins as well and I believe in God's eyes a sin is a sin, they are all equal. I don't believe telling someone they are going to hell is beneficial and I will not tell them that. For the individual who was told that when they were young, I'm sorry. That was wrong. God is very clear in His Word what it takes to go to Heaven. We all sin and if it was not for Him and His gift to us we would all end up in Hell, myself included. (I'm going to do a post soon on Hell & what it is, if you are interested please visit me again).

I'm posting about this particular issue because it has been pushed into the spotlight, not because I believe it is any worse than any other sin.

For those who say this will not affect my family, I respectfully disagree. I've found many who claim that I am intolerant are actually even more intolerant of my beliefs than I am of theirs. By making this legal it will begin a process that I truly believe will end (and already has in some circles) with my beliefs being discounted. Right now in many circles if I express my disagreement for the homosexual lifestyle I am automatically called a bigot and hateful - no matter how respectful I am about it. However, these same individuals see no issue with calling me a bigot and hateful without even knowing me, based solely on the fact that I say I'm a Christian.

As far as being "born" a certain way, I'm not sure that I buy into that, however the Bible clearly states we are all "born" with a sin nature. Just because we are born a certain way does not mean that it is not harmful. (And by the way Duzell, evolution has NOT been proven - in fact many are beginning to admit that as time goes by more and more holes are being found in this theory).

I will be respectful of the comments here (by this I mean I won't delete them and I won't resort to calling people names as they've done to me), even those who have not been respectful to me or my family.

I realize there are many religions in the world and I fully realize Christianity is not even the largest. And I'll be the first to admit not everyone who calls themselves a Christian truly follows Christ. But in the end Christ will judge who has and who has not, not me. All I can control is if I follow Him.

In the end there is only one Truth, that is Jesus - He was very clear about that. He was also clear that if I follow Him my life will be more difficult at times. I fully expect that Gay marriage and many other things will become the norm in the future. Many things that I believe sadden the Lord are considered okay now (premarital sex, abortion, addictions of all sorts) and if I am honest I have done some of these myself. I don't for a second believe I am better than anyone else. I'm just trying to follow my Creator.

In the end, no matter what each of us believes (including me) the Truth will prevail because we can't change Truth, no matter how much we try. I'm just trying to follow that Truth and instill it in my children. As I do so the Lord corrects me along the way. I once believed as many of you do (believe it or not!)about homosexuality. One of the things that saddens me the most is abortion, but not too many years ago I believed that was a "choice" and not a Life. And I know many reading this will say that I'm wrong about Jesus being the Truth. I can't make you believe anything you don't want to, but please realize that is a two-way street. Why is it so horrible for me to voice my belief that Jesus is the Truth when others can say I'm wrong and nobody blinks an eye?

All I can do is stand for the Lord the best way I know how, be open to His discipline and guidance and pray in love for others. I hope each of you will respect that.

If you want to see the life of someone who is trying to follow the Lord and listen for His correction in their life, please continue to visit me. I try to be very transparent here about my walk with God, the good and the ugly. I do see ugliness in myself, God has been revealing it to me. But it is not because I'm standing for His Truth.

Anonymous said...

May I ask what your basis is for not being sure you "buy into [being born that way]"? Can you back that up?

I mean, weren't you "born" a heterosexual? What's the difference?

Furthermore, why should gays be penalized in the eyes of the Lord for something they are born with (given you satisfy the possibility it is in fact determined by genetics)? You say everyone is "born into sin", but I take that to mean everyone is born being capable of sinning. Everyone makes a conscious decision to tell a lie at some point in their life, for example. But there's a big difference between making the choice to do something that you know is wrong, and being born with a characteristic that is automatically perceived as sinful, without the ability to change that aspect of yourself.

Big difference.

Back to the affect gay marriage has on you and your family, I apologize, but I don't see your point. Yes, there are a lot of people intolerant of Christianity. There are a lot of people that are quite narrow-minded and intolerant in general. But really, this has little to do with a gay couple's right to marry.

Why should a truly loving couple that is completely indifferent to your beliefs - not intolerant, but just simply indifferent - not be able to marry? How can you use the small-minded morons you might come across as justification for cutting off them? What does one have to do with the other?

Please, you have to try to look at this from the other side, you really do. If we're not all Christians, why should all of us be bound and restricted by the Christian doctrine?

What if someone of a different religion began discriminating against you, in the name of their god? As well-intentioned and tolerant and open-minded as they may be (as you say you try to be), they still insist upon pushing for legislation that is dictated by their religious beliefs. Regardless of how adamantly they claimed that they were merely standing up for the Truth, you would not stand for it.

Perhaps only then would you understand the plight of a homosexual who just wants to marry the love of their life in this country.

And what of a separation between the church and the state?

Lynn said...


I find it interesting that all the anonymous commenters and such don't really have all the facts.

Gays in California have every single right under a domestic partnership agreement that married people do. EXACTLY THE SAME RIGHTS.

So who is ignorant here.

Secondly, marriage is a religious ceremony that has become mired in the laws of our country. The religious meaning and the law should never have been co-mingled. This is why there is much contention and anger between confusion.

Stick to your bible girl and don't let your beliefs be rocked. You know the truth and the truth sets men and women free.

Anonymous said...

Secondly, marriage is a religious ceremony that has become mired in the laws of our country. The religious meaning and the law should never have been co-mingled. This is why there is much contention and anger between confusion.

If you agree that religious meaning and law should have never been mixed together in the first place, wouldn't you agree that the religious basis of the law should be eradicated now?

Ang said...

As far as my comment about being "born" a certain way - first, I don't always trust everything we see in the name of science. For example, evolution which is just a theory (one that is falling from grace)is often being taught as fact. I'm not sure that the genetics argument is much different.

As far as being born in sin - yes we all tell lies - but we all have our specific weaknesses as well. This may be the "weakness" certain people are born with. Believe me, I have my own. I've heard the argument as well that those who choose to molest children are "born" that way. I definitely don't agree with that - but if it was ever proven to be true, I don't think it means that it is okay and should be acceptable.

You keep asking me to see the other side, I've been there - I've seen it, I've believed it in the past. Are you trying to see things from my side by any chance? Maybe you are, but if not I would just ask that you also do what you are asking of me.

To help explain how I view this I will give you what I believe sex is. That might help. You may not agree but maybe you'll be able to see my point a bit more. Sex is a Gift from God - He created us, He created a woman to be a helpmeet to man, we were made for one another. Sex is a Gift He gave to a man and a woman who have committed themselves to one another forever (marriage). It is a way for them to procreate and a way to become one flesh and intimately relate to one another. Based on that definition, you can see that our society has fallen far short.

As far as laws and all of that. I believe that we are responsible for the moral decay of our nation. That is why I believe laws are important. As things become acceptable they are taught as that in our society - that does encroach on my parenting of my children. I will admit though that laws alone will not change a society. In the end hearts need to be changed and drawn to God. Also, I know that in the end other "religions" will create laws that will go against what I believe.

Let me explain how I see this - once again you may not agree, but maybe it will help you to understand where I am coming from. None of us are in control, no matter how much we may want to believe we are. Everyone of us worships something, even those who are aethists. They worship the belief that there is no God, that humans are the greatest thing there is in the universe. Therefore, everyone has a "religion" they follow because everyone has a set of beliefs they follow. This is why I am so upset when someone tells me I should not mix my "relgion" with my politics. They are telling me to not vote based on my beliefs. The problem is EVERYONE votes based on their beliefs!

I believe the Lord judges not only individuals, but also nations. That is why in regards to issues like this I spend more time in prayer on my knees than I do participating in politics or protesting or anything else. This blog has been my main way to get out my view/beliefs. That and one small sign in my yard. The rest of my "politicing" has been done on my knees.

Comments on here that Prop8 will most likely be defeated at some point are most likely true. God's Word tells us what things will be like in the end. Man is choosing to believe the lie that he knows best and that he is in control. Too late he will find out he is wrong. God love us all dearly, but He won't force that love on us. We choose in the end the path we will take.

Ang said...

A dear friend of mine just reminded me of something - I only have one person to whom I need to justify myself. And in the end there is nothing I can say to justify myself to Him anyway. He will judge my heart and my acceptance of His gift of Love.

I pray nobody takes offense to this as it is not meant that way - but I will not respond on this thread any more. I will read any further comments left and if someone is truly curious about God's love for them I would be willing to talk to them.

I will not delete any comments left (although it is my blog and I do have that choice) unless they become extremely offensive or profanity is used. I will not leave anything like that on here.

However, I will not be answering any more questions - God's Word tells us that His Thoughts are higher than ours and His wisdom is foolishness to man. I will stand by that.

Thank you everyone who has commented - this may be the most traffic I have ever received on my blog and I would love for you to stick around even if you don't see eye to eye with me. I really have much more to share than just my views on Prop 8 and abortion. Really!

God Bless you and I hope to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I am trying to look at the situation through your eyes as well. As an atheist, it's not always easy, but it's possible.

It's not just science, though, that tells me homosexuals are born that way. It is the personal testimony of countless teenagers interviewed on 20/20 segments, or people I've met on the web. Even more importantly than that, it's the personal testimony of a very, very dear friend of mine, who - even when we were much, much too young to even be thinking about sex - we all knew was a little "different".

I also disagree with your contention that atheism is a "religion" in itself. A quick trip to the dictionary gave me the definition of "Theism" as: "Belief in the existence of a god or gods, esp. belief in one god as creator of the universe, intervening in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures." Atheism, then, is simply a lack of belief, the absence of belief. It is a lack of religion.

I knew when I started this conversation, though, that no minds on either side would be changed. Challenging each other with our various points, at least for me, wasn't about trying to convert one another at all. It has, at least for me, been a very enjoyable conversation. And I thank you for that.

However, it was when I reached a certain paragraph in your last response that I really felt like I reached a dead end. It was when you said, "I believe the Lord judges not only individuals, but also nations." For all the times in this blog you've been asked about why this should be a legal issue, that answers the question perfectly.

But with my lack of belief in God (and as a side note, I was a truly devout Christian for many years, and I still consider the Bible among my favorite reads), well, there's just no argument left to have. I do not believe in God. You do, and believe him to have a place right at the center of this issue, even when you step into the voting booth.

Without proving to you conclusively that God does not exist (and that's certainly not happening tonight), I don't suppose there's any more argument to have on this topic. I can not refute you, because any reasoning I might give would contradict your most firm and fundamental belief. So that's that, I do believe.

On to one of your posts about abortion (just kidding)!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but I see you beat me with your last response. Well, I won't expect a response to this one either, but I just want to thank you again for the lovely conversation.

And I bookmarked your blog just for the sake of convenience, what with all my returns here over the last hour or two. Maybe I'll leave it there for the time being!


Anonymous said...

You're free to believe what you want but I think you should realize that beliefs do NOT equate to truths no matter how strong the belief is. As said by Socrates, true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing. We do not KNOW if God exists for we can not prove he does. And, yet, I must add that we can't exactly disprove him either. His existence is, ultimately, unknowing.

Thus, other people shouldn't be forced to live by your religion as it consists of not truths but beliefs. You may find gay marriage immoral and wrong in your perspective and that's okay. You can belief in what you want to believe in. However, understand that others do not believe what you believe. Forcing YOUR own personal beliefs on others is unfair. Denying others rights based on what they believe is discrimination.

Proposition 8, itself, is immoral as it denies certain rights to a specific group of people. Sure, supporters may say that they are only trying to defend the sanctity of marriage but this argument is weak. 50 years ago, people said the same thing about interracial marriage.

I think that if a gay couple want to get married, than they should. Now, I'm aware that you do not want to answer any more questions but I can not resist asking this: How would allowing a gay couple to marry affect YOU, personally? Why is it so hard to let them live in the way that they want to live and you just go on and live your own life?

Their marriage is not going to hurt you so why deny them a right to marriage?

Live and let live is what I always say.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really funny how you act... You say you're still teaching your daughter love and tolerance but you're just putting others down none the less.

You know mother is a very devout christian who understands the bible and god's word more than you ever could...

You know 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' does not mean just physically. It includes cruelty and things of this nature.

And there a probably a million other things the bible says that you do and think nothing of it because you a, don't know it because you haven't actually READ all of it... or just disregard it as being outdated.

Even by your own standards you're going to hell.

And what are you doing on the internet anyway? Shouldn't you be groveling at your husbands feet and catering to his every whim?

PS: Ceaser was Jesus.

Paige said...

I know Ang said she would not post any more comments, but I would like to post a response about how I believe this affects me as a Christian. Please understand that I believe gay partners should AND DO have equal civil rights in California and many other states. But, the marriage issue has other effects that are not just about the marriage of gay couples.

I believe I have the right to teach my children morals and values without public institutions (schools)telling me that I have to accept their moral teachings. We have seen in Mass. that children are being taught that homosexuality is just one expression, among many, of human sexuality. AND, parents have not been allow to take their children out of school or even be warned about such teaching. There are instances of field trips to gay marriages and children being read about 2 men who are married in our public schools where gay marriage has been adopted. I believe as a parent I should have the right for my children to not be taugh moral values by our schools.

Other things that have happened include adoption agencies closing rather than support adoption by gay married couples. It was judged to be discrimination by a Mass. judge to not allow those married couples to adopt. The agency shut down rather than go against their values. We need to be free to each have our own values and live by them. My sister just adopted by a Christian agency. That agency would likely have to shut their if they are forced to recognize gay marriage and adoption.

These are just a few ways that this issue affects everyone. This is not about rights. I think it is fine if gay couples want to have an institution that they set up that would signify that relationship. However, MARRIAGE is a convenant with God, a Man and a Woman; not just a contract, and not just about rights.

Pedro Rodrigues said...

Why do you say all these things, really? Your beliefs, they collide with so many others, even beliefs that have religious roots. Worse, beliefs that have Christian roots.

Why is it so difficult to evolve on one's point of view? Years ago, God was said to be against women voting, or working, or doing more than what their husband told them to. It evolved (mostly), and now women are free to do many things a few centuries ago it would never be thought of.

Why is it so hard to let the same happen with homosexuals? It has been proved they are not mentally ill, that there's no relation between them and pedophilia, that they can love with the same intensity as heterosexuals, that there's homosexuality outside the human race (thus, it's natural), etc, etc, etc. What else is needed? I mean, please, marriage is not even exclusively a religious matter anymore. Worse, the fact that homosexuals can't marry goes against the notion of "equality" itself, since they will therefore stand bellow heterosexuals? Why make people needlessly unhappy? Why do with homosexuals what, not many decades ago, was done to people who were not caucasian?

Please, try spreading honest respect and tolerance. Society evolves. Religion itself has evolved (not even the notion of "Hell" was in the Original Bible (since I am not English, I'm not sure what's the translation for what I want to say here)). I know without doubt that if God is love and forgiveness, than God loves me and will not care if I am to love a man or a woman, as long as I love.

Anonymous said...

You should read this.

It's well-written, sententious and enlightening. :)

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, God did give us free will and the freedom to choose whether or not to obey Him.

I can't imagine He'd smile too kindly on the human beings who decided to take that literally God-given right away from their neighors.

Ang said...

Wow! I know I said I would not comment on this thread again – but I feel I at least owe it to others to explain why I’m closing down the comments on this post.

If you are reading this you’ve most likely seen the comments above, most anonymous and most very nasty and hateful.

I find it ironic that I’m being called ugly, hateful, intolerant and a bigot on my own blog, by individuals who are showing those very characteristics. I also find it interesting that the last comment references an article that includes the following: “The definition of a bigot is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.” That is kind of funny because doesn’t that describe those who are going out of their way to post such hateful comments on my blog because of my beliefs?

I can honestly say my daughter is able to have a more mature and respectful conversation regarding this issue than most who have commented (there is one exception above in the anonymous comments. I enjoyed talking with you as well, even if we don’t see eye to eye. Thank you for being respectful and having a mature discussion with me on this topic.)

If you believe the comments above are nasty, you should see what they are saying about me, my family and my daughter on the thread that is generating most if not all of the traffic I’m getting here. (Yes, I did find the original thread and yes I did read all 7 pages of comments).

In the end though – this is my blog. I welcome discussion and comments that don’t agree with me – but I will not continue to allow nasty hateful comments. I do not go out looking for blogs of those who disagree with me and then leave them hateful comments and I would ask that others not do that to me.

In the end, I stand by my beliefs and as hard as it may be for me to do so at times, I’m praying for each person who has visited my blog. I do so because the God I follow asks me to pray for you, so I will in obedience to Him and I pray in the process He’ll soften my heart more towards you. Reading the comments on the original forum generating all this traffic I am honestly overwhelmed with sadness for all the bitterness and hatred I see behind the words. I’m sorry this has caused so much anger to boil up with so many.