Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama - separate "religious" beliefs from politics

So - it is probably obvious that I've become very passionate of late regarding our upcoming elections. As I've mentioned before, I've been spending a lot of time on my knees crying out to the Lord for his mercy on our nation. I won't claim to have everything figured out but I do know that EVERYTHING in my life, including politics and my votes, need to be based on the Word of God because His Word is the only real Wisdom and Truth.

This video was recently posted on a blog I visit regularly (which happens to be written by someone I work with) - Mike's Mind Emissions. I had commented on his post, but I just can't get this one out of my mind. So I'm posting here the video for my few readers to see and I've copied my comment below as well.

I'm curious - what is your take on these words of Obama? If you are a Christian - do you agree with Obama? Do you believe that as Christians we should separate our "religious" beliefs from our politics?

My comments on Mike's Blog:

First, I am soooo tired of liberals telling me that I can not base my poltics on my beliefs. They base their poltics on their beliefs. The only difference between my beliefs and theirs is that I trust in a higher power than myself to determine what is right and wrong. Because of this they label my beliefs as "religious" and therefore discount them.

Secondly, for any Christians out there who are thinking they should vote for Obama, if this video does not show that he is NOT a Bible believing Christian, I don't know what does. Nobody who truly believes our Creator is all-knowing and all-powerful, anyone who truly believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God would ever say what he has said here. He basically says God is not reasonable and therefore we can't base our poltics on God.

But I guess that is to be expected. The Bible clearly says God's Ways are not our ways and His Thoughts are not our thoughts. It says the Wisdom of God is foolishness to those who don't believe.

Unfortunately in many ways Obama is right, we are no longer a nation of Christians. As a nation we no longer believe that there are absolutes, that we have a Creator larger than us. As a nation we have chosen to follow our own path and I'm afraid that soon the Lord is going to give this nation over to their desires. I for one am praying for God's mercy.

Someone recently told me that they believe the Lord is going to give America the president they deserve this election. I pray that is not true.

I've really not gotten involved in politics very much in the past and I would never have been considered an intercessor, especially not for our nation. However, this election things have changed.

Thank you Mike for this posting this video.

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Scott said...

I believed therefore I spoke 2 Cor 4:13

So if we don't speak we don't believe. There must be action or we don't believe. Faith without works is DEAD.