Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama and Abortion

About a year ago I learned about a group called Bound4Life. They are a grassroots movement to save millions of baby's lives in America. They plan to do this through prayer and what is called Silent Sieges. I made the promise at that time to not vote for any candidate who is not Pro-Life.

I am finding it disturbing and saddening to hear that there are others who call themselves pro-life (and Christian in some cases) who are believing the claims that Obama is not a threat to the ProLife movement, and in some cases believing that he is actually good for the cause.

Others will tell you that abortion is really not that big of an issue in the election as the President does not really affect things like abortion laws. This is very wrong. The president may not interpret the laws but he does sign them or veto them. More importantly he appoints judges who do interpret the laws.

Regardless of where you stand please read this post - Abortion Reduction by The Freedom of Choice Act?

I had many concerns before regarding what will happen to this country if Obama became president, for more reasons than just abortion. This just increases these concerns more.

I pray the Lord will open eyes and hearts between now and November 4th to the Truth about abortion and the truth about what is in store for this country and thousands of innocent lives if we don't open our eyes to the Truth of abortion and take a stand (and more importantly if we don't repent and ask for mercy).

“Jesus, I plead your Blood over my sins and the sins of my nation.
God, end abortion and send revival to America.”

I've explained to my daughter what abortion is (not in graphic details, of course) and recently she watched video from when Saddleback Church interviewed both candidates. One of the questions asked was when a child's rights begin. The video of Obama was approx. 5 minutes long. He never actually answered the question, he did a lot of dancing around it. McCain came right out and said "at conception".

After the videos both played I asked my daughter what she thought (I had not told her anything yet as to where either of them stood on the issue) - even a 7 yr old could watch these videos and easily determine that Obama is not Pro-Life.

If you ask her right now what she thinks of the presidential candidates she will tell you "Obama is for killing babies in their mommy's tummies, McCain is not."

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Tanya said...

Amen sister.