Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ted & Gayle Haggard's Letters

"Forgiven", painting by Thomas Blackshear II

Between Two Worlds has published the letters Ted & Gayle Haggard wrote and had read to their former congregation. I pray those reading these will see the amazing grace and mercy of God. As I said yesterday, Ted has a lot to repent of, however he seems to be very sincere and I can already see God's power and grace in his and his wife's life. He will still have to suffer the consequences of his actions but God has used this scandal to eventually strengthen Ted & Gayle's relationship with Him. I truely believe this. I think it will also touch many others as well.

We've seen many times in the Bible where God has turned bad things/sinful actions to his advantage and I believe this will prove to be another instance.

This man and his family will continue to be in my prayers for healing and I pray others will see the grace and love of God through them.

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