Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Worshiping with total abandon

I don't know about you but when I'm around others it is many times hard for me to truely worship. To stop worrying about what I sound like, what I look like and what others think of me. Due to this, it is hard for me to truely focus on my object of worship, God!

I'm getting better at this. Especially in my home church. I know I'm among family there and don't need to worry about anything. But I should really always feel this way, no matter who I'm around. My focus should be on God and God alone. Nothing else matters.

Tonight when we worshiped we had our children come in and join us. As I sat there with my daughter in my lap holding her little brother and watched her close her eyes in total abandon and worship the Lord I saw what I long for. That is how I want to worship my God. The way an innocent child does, knowing that nothing else matters. Acknowledging that God is the one and only worthy of our total adoration.

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