Sunday, April 23, 2006

In His Eyes

Just something from one of my writing lessons that I came across today and thought I'd share. I was supposed to use word pictures to describe how God interacts with us.

* * * * * *

The first thing I noticed about Him was His eyes. Not the color, as I could not tell you the color, even though I’d spent the whole night stealing glances at Him. What caught my attention was what I sensed behind His eyes: hope and grace, unfaltering love. It seemed He saw to the very core of my being and knew things about me even I did not know. I was afraid to meet His eyes, but could not tear my gaze away. The power I saw behind those eyes simultaneously terrified and comforted me. I knew, no matter how dark my soul, this was the One that could erase all the squalidness. This was the One who could renew my life and fill me with radiance brighter than the sun and more pure than freshly fallen snow.

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