Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blogs - What are they?

My husband is not much of a reader or writer, therefore he does not quite understand my interest in keeping up a blog of my own or in reading the blogs of others. However, yesterday I must admit he had a good quesiton.

"What is a blog?"

I started to explain to him what people use them for, but that was not what he was asking. He wanted to know what "blog" meant.

Well, I tried to look it up online on Webster's but it is only listed on the collegiate site which is not their FREE site. So I did a search online and pretty much just found a ton of websites which help you set up a blog of your own and/or track blogs.

I finally found something that did not specifically state what "blog" means but it did prod my mind into a theory.

I believe "blog" is basically something that has come about because of our laziness and need for a snappy name for things. I believe it is short for Web Log. We just dropped the "We" off the front and smashed it together.

Anyway, that is my thought for the day. Not anything earth shattering but it was something to write about. Now I'm going to turn off my brain and get some sleep! Good Night!!

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