Monday, April 10, 2006

Step by Step

I'm still reading Battlefield of the Mind as a devotional (Joyce Meyer) and today's reading was really good. Got me to thinking.

I tend to be very impatient and a bit of a perfectionist at times. I want my walk with the Lord to be perfect right now and can get very discouraged when I mess up (which I do quite frequently and sometimes majorly!) However, if I look back to when I first came to know the Lord, or even just a year ago, I realize I've come a long way. Step by step the Lord has nudged me along until I've gotten to where I am today, by no means perfect, but much closer to God's final work in me.

When I can put aside my impatience I realize the wisdom in how God is working in me. Joyce Meyers points out two very good reasons why God takes us little by little through our victories instead of just giving us one big, final victory over Satan and our sins.

First, if we received total and full victory right away from God in our walk, we would fall quickly into the sin of pride. Especially, as newborn Christians. Even as we mature we must watch for this sin which sneaks up on us so quickly and easily when we let our guard down. Can you imagine being a new Christian and never having to struggle again in your walk with the Lord? Sure it would be nice, but soon we would think it is all because of us. That would not be what is best for us and would defeat the purpose of God working in us.

Second, by allowing us to have a major victory now and then, but usually just taking things little by little, we are able to savor our victories over the enemy. We have something to look forward to and to keep our lives interesting. We are always reminded of what we have to be thankful for in our lives. God is always there nudging us along, encouraging us, reminding us that we need Him in our lives to become what He has planned for us. After all, in the end it is all about Him, not us.

Although I still find myself impatient with my progress at times, I'm very thankful the Lord in His infinite wisdom has chosen to take me step by step through my development instead of bending to my desire to be perfect immediately.

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