Saturday, April 29, 2006

Forced Support against Beliefs

I find it very disturbing that some people are now being forced to support projects/materials/agenda that go against their beliefs. I would not expect someone to produce a work of mine if they did not agree with my beliefs. Once again things appear to be very one sided. The cry of discrimination is heeded only when it is screamed by certain individuals. Talk about double standard. What exactly is the definition of religious freedom if it does not allow you to refuse to support something that goes against your relgious beliefs.

This is an article about a Christian business that is being forced to duplicate a film supporting the gay agenda. I would not expect a businessman who was gay to duplicate a Christian film if they do not agree with the content. What is next? A christian business forced to support pornography?

CWA - Christian Business Ordered to Duplicate Homosexual Activist Videos

I know this is in Canada, but we are headed the same way!

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