Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Middle Name Needed

For those who are not aware, Shaun and I are due to have child number three on May 20th. This is a boy, so we'll have one girl (almost 5 years now) and two boys (Austin is 19 months). We are naming this child Jesse (means God Exists) however we are having trouble coming up with a middle name that we both like and agree upon.

I want something that sounds good with Jesse. I also am interested in the meaning of names, so would like something that is meaningful to us.

So, I'm asking for any ideas anyone may have. We only have a month left to go and I'd like to decide on a middle name for Jesse before he born.

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NuttersNotes said...

Scott.....yes.....Scott would be excellent. I don't know why. Jessie Scott Smith. that I have strung the three together...said it a few times... I like it even more!

Problem solved :)