Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Up 2

Okay, I went back to work today so the happy up was a bit more difficult today. Not because I'm not enjoying my job now, but because I'm tired and don't get to take my nap. But that does get me to my first happy up for the day!

1. No more management - today I spent time with my ex-staff members and the new manager I am training to take over the AP Supervisor position going over goals & objectives for the year. This means I officially am no longer a manager. As of now my official title is Senior Financial Analyst. This means I get to do all the things I enjoy at work (process improvements, training, mini audit, I know - boring, I'm an accountant though!) but no longer have to deal with the drama that goes along with the managing of others. I get to interact with all the people in my department without being responsible for them. Yeah!!

2. Massage - After work today I went to see my friend Tanya who is a wonderful massage therapist. With the stress of all the projects I'm needing to finish up before I go on maternity leave the end of the week, I was really in need of this. I really enjoy my massages, but especially when I'm pregnant. Pregnancy just does some nasty things to your body and stress added to that can really make you feel old at times. But now I feel great!!!

3. Coupons - I purchased the 2 DVD set of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe. I have the whole set of the Narnia books and have been reading them to my daughter. I saw this movie in the theater with my father (who recently read the books) as a birthday present for me. My daughter is also wanting to see this, so I decided it was one worth buying. Better yet, a friend of mine gave me a $5 off coupon that I was able t use today when I purchased the movie. Coupons are great!

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