Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Up 3 (Yesterday's Happy Ups)

Okay, so I did not get this posted yesterday, but I did think about them. After work I had some very special people over to my home and once they left I just crashed for the night.

1. Simple Church - Awhile back the traditional church I attend decided to try something different. We dismantled our traditional church and our traditional ways of thinking and started meeting in house churches. Each week we meet together for a meal and to fellowship, study the word and be a family. Basically we are the church. The groups are no more than 20 individuals so we really get to know one another. Then once a month all the house/simple churches meet in one place for a Celebration. Well, my house church meets on Tuesday nights and last night we started meeting at my home (we rotate through homes) and will continue to do so for a few weeks (at least until the baby is born). I love getting together with my family and it was a blessing to have them in my home last night.

2. My children - I've been a bit stressed at work lately because I'm going out on maternity leave the end of this week and I'm trying to get a bunch of projects done before then and train others on taking over the Supervisor role that is no longer mine (YEAH!) and train someone on the items I will take back on when I return. After a long stressful day, it is always refreshing to go pick up my little ones and have them sooo happy to see me. They are so excited to see me and that just lifts your spirits after a long hard day.

3. My husband - I must say my hubby makes my days happy. He is not a Believer and does not participate in church house (in fact he hides in the garage pretty much the entire time everyone is here) but he is so supportive of me. He has absolutely no problem with our house being "invaded by Jesus Freaks" along with all the children that go along with them. He is friendly (at least for him, one of few words) with the guys that wander out to the garage to see how his Harley project is going along and he even made an apple pie so I would not have to worry about coming home from work and making something for our church house family dinner.

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