Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy UP - Day 1

Awhile back, Scott Nutter posted on his blog about a study by Martin Seligman which showed people who looked back over their day and identified three things that made them happy for a week were happier, even 6 months later! He challenged his readers to try this for a week.

Well, I've just read over this part of his blog so I did not particpate back when he originally wrote it but I figured it is never too late to start. Also, it is just another way for me to write on a daily basis.

So here goes. . . HappyUP day 1 (I'm borrowing Scott's cool name since my preggie brain is having trouble coming up with my own snappy name!)

1. Lazy Day - Today has been a "lazy day" for me. Shaun is out of work at the moment and therefore keeping the house very clean so there was not much for me to do around the house. I enjoyed having the day to do some reading and surf the web reading blogs of some of my friends. And of course I came across this Happy UP idea for this week. This also means I was able to take a nap today, being 8 months pregnant makes this a very goood and happy thing in my book!

2. Shaun's dream job - I know this is Shaun's dream but anything to do with him obviously affects me. And of course if he is happy, I am happy. As mentioned above he is out of work right now because the shop he was working at is shutting down. He recently rebuilt a Harely he bought from his grandfather and loved doing the work. This week he bought a Harley needing some work and now has his first project. He is wanting to start rebuilding bikes for a living and this is his start! He has someone that he is going in with who owns a paint booth and will be doing the paint jobs. I am so happy for him and praying this dream of his will work out.

3. Baby Present - I had a neighbor come by today to drop off a gift for the new baby. I just LOVE getting baby clothes. They are so small and so cute! I can already imagine myself holding this new little life in my arms. And boy is he an active one. Once again he has been active all day long, usually whenever I sit down to rest. Tyler & Austin like to put their hands on my tummy and feel him move. They think it is funny to feel him kick them. Tyler actually helped me unwrap the present for him today. She is so excited about her new baby brother.

So there are my three Happy UPs for the day. I actually feel better already! Thank you Lord for all the little good things in my life!

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