Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogger's Choice Awards

I've found another pretty cool site. It is called the Blogger's Choice Awards. You can log on to nominate blogs for different categories such as Best Religious Blog, Best Charity Blog, Best Food Blog and TONS of other categories. They even have a couple different Worst Blog categories!

Once you log on, you can also vote and comment on other blogs that others have nominated as well. Check it out!

Blogger's Choice Awards

I've voted for two blogs that I already visit regularly:

Blogging Obsession
Absolutely Bananas

I've also nominated (and voted for) one blog:

Flock's Diner (bet you didn't know you were nominated, huh Johnny!)

And I've voted for one blog which I've discovered through the Blogger's Choice Awards:

Wife of an Addict

This is a great site to find new blogs and to recognize those you already love!


Sarah said...

Hey! Thank you for voting for my recovery blog!! I really appreciate it. I've been sitting here reading your blog for the last twenty minutes, and it's great! Thanks for loving the Lord, and writing about it.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the plug for my blog! I like browsing around the awards site too... it's an interesting way to see what's out there!