Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Daily Blessings Challenge - Calling all Bloggers

Blessed1 has posted a challenge for all bloggers that I've chosen to participate in. Beginning on Easter Sunday, she is challenging bloggers to post every day for a week (that's seven posts) in which we share why we are thankful each day.

She is correct, all we hear about is how unhappy people are with this country, and I must say there are many things I find disappointing as well. However, at the same time we are very blessed in this country in many ways. Let's focus on those for at least a week.

This goes along with the Happy UPs I've posted in the past!

If you are a blogger (or even if you are not!) I challenge you to take up Blessed1's challenge. Check out her post and then link back to it when you make your posts!

Blessed1 - Daily Blessings Challenge


Vicki said...

hmm, cool..may have to do that...although that would require me figuring out how to link back..*L*

Ang said...

What do you use for your blog? Is it blog spot?

If you really want to do it and need help figuring out how to link back, I can help you.

I know some basic html, so I can probably give you the code you need.

Let me know!

KWiz said...

What a nice post. It gives people a way to intentionally think about what they're grateful for more than just a day. And it really is a challenge to that. I'm taking you up on it, and I'm encouraging my readers to do the same.

KWiz said...

Hi Ang,
I notice you didn't get a link back to my post on the Daily Blessings Challenge today. I know I'm a bit late, but I started today. Take a look.