Monday, April 16, 2007

Paid to Blog? Earning Online?

Okay, this is a post where I am definitely looking for comments. I know alot of those I interact with in cyberspace are stay at home moms who helps support their families through online opportunities. I've been looking at a few of these opportunities lately including publishing eBooks (if I could figure out what to write about that I enjoy and others would be interested in!), online used book stores (still seriously looking at doing this) and blogging for cash (PayPerPost, etc).

I'd like to understand what your experience has been with these things. I've seen alot of information about it, but I've not been able to get a clear idea (at least from those I would trust) as to whether this is a sucessful and worthwhile endeavor. I'm curious to hear about your experiences, who you've gone through to do this and any other suggestions/comments you have regarding getting paid to do what you love to do online!

Some information to keep in mind. I am a mother of three who works outside the home full-time. While I am looking at opportunities to bring in some extra cash for my family, I do not have tons of extra time right now. However, I do spend time blogging so if I could help my family at the same time that would be great! I am also not wanting to turn my blog into one huge advertisement. I don't mind blogging to promote products or other things as long as they are things that are relevant and I use or of which I have knowledge.

Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Becky said...

I use PayPerPost and other companies to make money online. It has been very helpful to our family. It was hard to make the posts fit in without just seeming like one big huge ad so now I have 2 blogs - one very personal the other more aimed toward getting paid 2 blog and memes, etc. I still try to make it fit in though. I do try! Hee Hee!

Rebecca said...

I have always wondered about Pay Per Post...a gal has bought ad space for it on BlogMommas...but I always wondered about how it would seem on my blog - like Becky said, like one big ad show...if you do decide to do this I would be very interested in how it pans out.

Vicki said...

you might drop a note in at (gee hope I got her webaddress right!!) She does a lot of pay per posts...and has pretty good success with them from my understanding....

cdorsey said...

I started Pay Per Post last year, stopped during our move, and picked it back up last month. Here are my personal rules:

1. Don't lie
2. Don't take an opportunity that I don't believe in
3. Have more content than paid posts

In the last 30 days, I have earned $114.00. Not much but for us it is almost 2 weeks worth of groceries ($60.00/week budget).

Hope that helps,