Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Passover Lamb

I had heard before about how the Passover Lambs had been brought into the homes of the Jewish families in Egypt and cared for prior to being sacrificed. The book I am currently reading has a good summary of this that I'm going to share word for word with you because I just don't think I can paraphrase it any better than they've put it.

Christ in the Passover
by Ceil & Moishe Rosen

"God began His object lesson to Israel with the Passover lamb. First, the people had to single out from their flocks the handsomest, healthiest looking yearling. An animal of this age, just approaching the prime of its life, was frisky and winsome. Then the family had to watch it carefully for four days before Passover to make sure it was perfect in every way. During this period of close observation, they fed and cared for the lamb and grew accustumed to having it around. By the end of the fourth day, it must have won the affection of the entire household, especially the children. Now they all must avoid its big, innocent eyes as the head of the house prepared to plunge in the knife. While meat was a treat in ancient times, how could they enjoy eating their lamb's flesh? The lesson was painful. God's holiness demands that He judges sin, and the price is costly. But He is also merciful and provides a way of escape (redemption).

The innocent Passover lamb foreshadowed the One who would come centuries later to be God's final means of antonement and redemption."

Can you imagine having picked out a cute fluffly lamb like the one pictured above on Thursday. It is living in your home with you, your kids play with it, you care for it and feed it, and then come tomorrow at sundown you'll have to sacrifice it? Think of how hard that would be. Now you can just start to understand what Jesus did for us!

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Vicki said...

hmm, how interesting...and yes, at least for me it would be very difficult, as I get very attached to animals.