Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thankful Blog Challenge - Day 4

See Blessed1's original challenge post here.

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Today I am thankful for all the Christians in this country who stand up for God's Word.

Let me explain myself a bit. I do not believe that we can legislate morality. The Law was given by our Lord so that we could realize that we can not ourselves keep it. It points out to us in no uncertain terms the sin in our lives and how we are not worthy to stand before an Awesome and Holy God. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, we can do ourselves to change this! However, if we choose to pursue our God and accept the relationship He wants to have with us, our Savior Jesus will cover us when we stand before our God. Through this relationship we learn to live for the Lord and do as He wants, not because of the Law, but because we love Him and want to please Him. He is our focus.

Now back to our country and today's thankful challenge. Once again, I do not believe we can legislate morality. Passing laws regarding morality only serve to point out how we can not live up to them as a country. HOWEVER, I do believe just like God's Law is needed to open our eyes to our need to have a relationship with Him, laws against immoral acts in our country keeps our focus where it needs to be. If we allow laws to be passed that make it legal (note I say legal, not right/moral) to do things that are not pleasing to God, we allow ourselves as a country to become complacent. You see these things will then become more common place and although we may not do them ourselves at first, we stop thinking about them as being wrong. Soon we find ourselves making rationalizations and find ourselves falling into sin. The nation falls into sin and further from God.

Abortion is one example of this. Because of the rationalization of a woman's right to make choices regarding her own body (regardless of the human growing inside of her having absolutely no choice) and because of the rationalization that women will do it anyway and endanger themselves, this country chose to make this "choice" legal. Once again, I say legal, not right or moral. Man can make laws, only God can determine what is right or moral. Now abortion has become common place for many people and even those who may not choose to have an abortion themselves, will rationalize this "choice". We've allowed sin into our midst and now our nation (and women of our nation) are suffering for it. Banning abortion would not make it go away, only women turning to God will do this, however it would be a stand for God to show that we will not rationalize sin any longer.

Therefore, today I am thankful for those who take a brave stand for the Lord and what is right in God's sight (the only true vision!) regardless of what others may think of them. I am thankful for those who are able to stand for God and at the same time show God's love to those who are lost in that sin. God bless you all!

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