Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Innovative – A Moment in my Life

So here’s the deal. I have a pair of jeans that I really like. They still look brand new and they are really comfy. However, the zipper is fried. It is not broken per se, it just does not like to stay up. They are not tight on me, so it is not as if they just could not stand the pressure any longer. In fact, they are a bit loose on me (hency the comfy!). The zipper just starts to slide until pretty soon my fly is wide open.

I’m allowed to wear jeans to work at my new job, however I don’t think they would appreciate my wearing “revealing” jeans in this manner. Also, it is not easy to “subtely” zip up your jeans. So I needed a fix. I could just wear a longer shirt so when the slide began to happen it was not noticed. This would actually be a double fix, because my backside is also covered (you know us women and our backside issues!). However, I’m a worrier, so I’m paranoid that somehow my shirt would move or get tuck into the front of my pants or who knows what else.

So my solution was . . . a paperclip.

I just took a small paperclip and slide one of the little ends through the little hole at the top of the zipper tab. I then slipped the button of my pants through the middle of the paperclip and then buttoned my pants! Now the zipper cannot slip and the whole thing is hidden under the buttom and zipper flap! How ingenious is that! I just have to remember the paperclip when I’ve sat at my desk too long to finish something and then rush into the ladies room. I don’t want to be in the stall and have the paperclip go flying over the stall door and hit someone as I try to undo my pants! Knowing me, it would be my boss!

So that is my innovation for the week (maybe even for the month!) How do you like those apples, Martha!

P.S. It was a paperclip from work, so I guess that could be a whole other problem. Of course, I could rationalize it as using the paperclip for business purposes. I needed to look somewhat professional and everyone being able to see the color of underpants I’m wearing is probably worth the little tiny paperclip, right? Besides, if they wanted to know that information, all they have to do is ask my daughter, she would tell them. But that is a whole other story!!!


Rebecca said...

LOL!!! I have so been there! When I was working I always kept a safety pin in my purse just for these occasions - ingenius use of a paper clip!

Ang said...

Yeah, I've done the safety pin thing, but it never fails that I end up poking myself. Even if I got it on without doing so, it would pop off later and prick me. Usually at a very inopportune time. Like in the middle of a meeting when I'm standing up presenting something!

Hummie said...

Oh, you are creative! Way to go!

Thanks for the comment on my hair..I have some headbands and may have to drag them out. I see your long bangs look nice.

I want to do the thankful challenge to...I have a post already I can dig it will be challenging to think of something new...I have the Glad Game in my shoutout box too.