Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thankful Blog Challenge - Day 1

As promised I'm participating in Blessed1's challenge to blog for one week straight about the things I'm thankful for. Since her post specifically mentioned how we all complain about this country, I've decided to try to ensure I include something I'm thankful for and appreciate/agree with regarding this great country we live in.

Although I do find myself disappointed with the direction the country is going at times and believe morally we are declining as a nation, I am thankful to live in the US. Today I am thankful that I am able to publicly state my opinion that our nation is declining morally and should be turning back to God without fear of imprisonment or worse. I'm not free from being called a bigot, but I know there are others who stand by me and I can voice my opinion without worry. (I know this is a borderline thankful, but it's been a long day with three kids, two of whom have been hopped up on too much sugar!)

As much as I find many things in this country disappointing, from our media to the "need to be PC", I am thankful and proud to live in the USA and call myself an American. That is why I speak out about certain things. I love the Lord and I love this country and would like to see us be a true nation following God.

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Original Blessed1 post regarding this challenge can be found here.

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wornoutwoman said...

I'm thankful too that I can serve my God, whose son is Christ, and live to see another day. It's because we live in a free country...anywhere else and we'd be in big trouble. Thank God for the U.S. and it's freedoms.