Monday, April 30, 2007

Productivity Secrets

I've been tagged by Lisa at Work at Home Mom Revolution for sharing my productivity secrets. I guess that means she actually thinks I'm productive. Maybe my first secret should be how I look like I'm productive when I'm not!

This meme was started by Ben Yoskovitz over at The Instigator Blog and I must say, following the links/tags back resulted in some great ideas I could use! Maybe you can too!

Lisa shared about how she utilizes Google calendar to organize her day. I'd not even heard of that one!

Gayla over at MomGadget wrote about her love for spreadsheets! We must be twins! I not only love spreadsheets and like to design them, I also use them for all sorts of things. First I use them at work for everything. And I don't mean some plain jane spreadsheet. That is where my creativity shines at work (since it is not allowed much in Accounting!) Mine have to look nice as well as be functional. I use them for tracking weight loss including pretty charts (I need to get back on that one), I track my expenses and earnings from my Uppercase Living side job and I've designed some for my husband's business as well. I just got a thought to do some for my kids! A chores chart and a potty chart would be perfect!

I suggest linking back to both of these blogs just to check out the great stuff they've written and to see what other great productivity ideas they shared!

So now, back to me. I would have to say my best productivity secret is keeping my workspace clean. I don't know about you, but I get really stressed when things around me are scattered everywhere. I've worked with plenty of individuals who seem to thrive on the mess, but I am not one of them. This is not to say that my house is all nice and neat (come on, I have three small children!), however my desk at work is kept neat. I don't go over board with organizing stuff, but I do at least keep papers and other stuff in labeled files, or in organized NEAT stacks on my desk. I do the same on my computer. I have clearly labeled files on my computer and in my email so I can easily find whatever I am looking for!

Now, it is time to tag someone else!

Becki at BlogMommas & Blogging Obesession - I know of at least three blogs that I visit regularly that you keep up consistently and I believe there are even more out there. How do you do it!?!?

Toni at Special K Family - You always seem to have it all together. How do you do it?

MJS4him at A Cup of Tea with Me and Faith Filled Wives - You juggle alot and I'm always impressed. What is your secret?

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