Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thankful Blog Challenge - Day 3

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Today will be very short since it is already past 10PM. I have church house on Tuesday nights and usually do not get home until after 9PM.

So with that being said, today I am thankful that I have the right in this country to publicly believe and exercise my faith in my God and Savior. Now, to be honest it is not a very "PC" thing to do in this country anymore to truely follow Christ (maybe it never was!), but as of right now I still have the right to do so.

I could have said I have the right to believe in my God, however to be honest, no government can restrict what I believe or do not believe (although some may think and try to legislate differently). They can not get into my heart or mind and make any changes. The rights I do have in this country though are to be able to publicly live out this faith and my set of beliefs without fear of imprisonment. I may be looked down upon and riduculed by some for it, but I know I will not be put in prison for it.

I have the freedom to meet every Tuesday night to fellowship, worship and pray with my wonderful Church Family. That may not seem to be something all that big, but many Christians in other countries do not have this luxury. Although in some ways they are better off, because I've noticed the faith and and total reliance and abandoment to the Lord is much greater!

So today, I'm thankful I was able to share time with my family without fear of someone breaking down our door and hauling us away.


cdorsey said...

Well said!

Sorry I haven't responded to your e-mail yet. It got a little crazy. Hopefully I can get back on track and I'll share my story with you.


Rebecca said...


I have a friend who was on a missionary trip (actually it was a year long thing) to a middle eastern country (I try not to say the name of her or the country just to protect those still there)...anyways, when they were to have worship for the church they planted they had to hike up a mountain and through the countryside to get to a very secluded place just to spend an hour together in worship. They did not carry their Bibles, they did not draw attention to themselve and they never let on that they were in any way Christian - what a way to live!