Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thankful Blog Challenge - Day 7 (Saturdays)

See Blessed 1's original challenge post here!

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So far I've been trying to keep my posts for the challenge related to things I am thankful for regarding the US. Today will be a bit different since this is the last day of the challenge (although it would be good for all of us, myself included, to continue making a point to post these at least on a weekly basis).

Today I am thankful for all the people in my life who keep me from getting too negative. I've tried very hard over the years to not be a negative person, and overall I think I've been successful. However, I tend to be a very loyal person who expects the same from others. I'll put up with alot, but once I've gotten to the point where I've had enough it is really hard for me to get past it. I just keep reminding myself that I have a God who has forgiven me for EVERY time I have turned my back on Him. In honor of that I need to do the same. It is only in His power that I am able to though.

In order to help me with this, I truely believe the Lord has put certain people in my life to help me get back on the correct path when I start to stray. It is usually the negative and bitter side of myself that starts me down these "other" paths. Therefore, I thank everyone who is enough of a friend to me, to honestly tell me when I am going down the wrong path (yet again!)

* Holy Spirit - He speaks to me quite often when my thoughts and attitudes need adjusting! I just wish I would listen more often, or at least sooner. It would save me a lot of trouble! I am getting to where I can hear Him better now. It just takes practice and moving my focus onto the Lord instead of myself.

* My Husband - Yes we have our issues at times, but you are always willing to tell me the truth and let me know when I'm just acting childish. I don't always like it when you point this out to me, but in the end I do appreciate it. Also, thank you for showing me all the good I do have in my life. You and our children are four of the biggest things I have to be thankful for every day (even the days when it seems our home is just full of noise!) I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life and I love you more everyday (even those days when I don't seem to show it to you).

* My Church House Family - they are wonderful and always are honest with me in a loving way. They support me with prayer as well. If any of you read this, please know that you keep me sane. You are my life support group and I truely love you all and consider you family.

* Julie - If you are reading this, thanks for always listening and being there for me. You let me vent and then cheer me up. I know you always think I am cheering you up and making you laugh when you are down, but what you don't know is that by doing that for you, I cheer myself up as well.

* Dana - Thanks for all the laughs and for always listening. You always know how to give me that little boost of confidence I need. In alot of ways you remind me of my family back home and that keeps me from getting so homesick.

* The Nutter Man (see Happy UPs at Nutter's Notes) and Blessed1 (aka Wornoutwoman). Thank you for the challenges to focus on the happy things in my life instead of the bad, as we are usually prone to do.

* I know there are many, many more of you out there and I want to ensure you all know how much you've touched my life and how very much I appreciate all you do for me (even when you don't realize you are doing things for me!)

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wornoutwoman said...

I am honored that you would include me on your list. Thank you so much for challenging all of us to focus on what's important in life. Walking in the light and following Christ's path. Thanks for all your effort through this challenge. I have thouroughly enjoyed every one of your posts!